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Our Policy for a Covid-safe Environment

Salisbury Baroque is fully committed to maintaining a Covid-safe environment for our audience, performers and volunteers. These guidelines are the ones we followed for our July 2021 concert.  We will keep them under review, and e-mail audience and performers about a week before the concert.  We believe that a cautious approach is appropriate.

  • Audience members, musicians and volunteers must all observe and respect social distancing at all times. We will ask all audience members to enter the venue respecting social distancing with their fellow audience members at all times, and they will be asked to remain seated until they are told it is time to leave after the performance.
  • Mingling with friends who are not in the same social bubbles will not be allowed in the venue and we ask anyone wishing to socialise with other audience members to do so once back outside the building.
  • Audience and performers’ seats will be spaced accordingly. Everyone will be asked to maintain their distance when moving around the venue.
  • Masks should be worn by audience and volunteers the whole time whilst in the venue unless they have a valid exemption. Performers will be permitted to remove their masks when performing but will be more than 2m distant from the audience at all times.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the building. Please use it every time you enter. Face masks will also be available at the entrance, but please do bring your own.
  • Chairs, door handles and toilets will be sanitised before and between performances.
  • The performances, with no interval, will last about an hour.
  • Tickets will be sold only in advance, there will be no printed tickets nor printed programmes. (Programme notes will be available online).
  • We will ask each adult either to enter a QR code or give a telephone contact number for track and trace, and we will keep these details for 3 weeks only.

Fitness for attending the concerts

Anyone with Covid symptoms, or living with someone who has developed symptoms, or has been notified to self-isolate, MUST remain at home in accordance with current government instructions.

Our Safeguarding Policy

The committee has agreed our safeguarding policy, which you can read here.

Salisbury Baroque's next concert is at 4pm on Sunday 6th March 2022 at St. Martins' Church, Salisbury.

Full details and details of all our concerts are on the Concerts & Tickets page.

Tickets for Salisbury Baroque's concerts are available online.  We plan to release tickets for the March concert in January.

For full details of this too, please see the Concerts & Tickets page.

Salisbury Baroque is a member and supporter of
Music In Salisbury which maintains a diary of musical events in Salisbury.